Ben Bachmair: M-portfolio

The mobile portfolio “allows learners and facilitators to add a level of (meta)reflection to their being in the world”. “A portfolio comprises artefacts which result from, or emerge through the process of learning. For a mobile portfolio the functionality of the mobile phone are used for producing artefacts.


The mobile portfolio tends to take the form of a photo report of the teaching and learning process. Students as well as the facilitator take photos – casually or deliberately – for example of key words (from the board), of a presentation, of a screen or a book, of documentation of their own learning in informal contexts, of social activities of the learners or of impressions of the social climate etc. In addition to photos, sound records or videos are possible.


The mobile portfolio is an almost ideal intersection between everyday life practices with media production, naïve forms of reflection such as a holiday photo collection and the deliberate appropriation of knowledge and skills in formal learning institutions. Mobile portfolios are the outcomes of the mobile as the students’ everyday life resource. Combined with existing portfolio techniques, the m-portfolio bridges the gap between everyday life and formal learning institutions, between the naïve and the trained expertise of learners. It links media use at home, on the go or with peers with deliberate learning. It makes visible the options of the personal media devices as resource for learning and reflection.

Extract from a portfolio of young migrants to Germany



Ben Bachmair: Word Encounter

Memorizing vocabulary is really not exciting. On the one page of the vocabulary notebook are the unknown words, on the opposing one the translation in the own language. Why not to deal with the words, which find the learner? The job of a learner is to be in the right situation. It is simple as car driver on holidays. In Poland one know immediately that Wyjazd leads you to a diversion route.   Foto(1723)